Stone Hotels

Stone Hotels is a hotel concept aiming to become a chain of hotels in Europe’s major cities.
We will have the lowest operational cost, allowing us to offer the lowest prices in the market, due to our revolutionary yield management. Pay no extra, as long as you pay for the extras. Our guest will benefit from a very nice design, comfortable rooms and no time-consuming elements.
We are looking for centrally located buildings in Europe’s major cities. Do you have an interesting property, or want to join our success, please download our real estate profile here...
We are proud to announce that we have a large number of partners enabling this unique customer offering. However, our Yield management & Booking system is what you will find most astonishing. A price will be offered to each customer specifically and returning customers will be able to book a room within 30-60 seconds. Please come back to see it, when we announce our first hotels...

The Concept


Guests’ Basic Needs

Most travelers have a few basic requirement when they choose a hotel: a clean and comfortable night’s stay, a central location, a reasonable price. Everything at Stone Hotels is set up to satisfy these basic needs in the best possible way.

Standardized Rooms

All rooms at Stone Hotels are prefabricated using a standard that enables quick implementation and maximum use of space per square meter. Cooperating with suppliers to the cruise industry, we have designed rooms with highly comfortable, space saving solutions.

Central Locations

All Stone Hotels are located in the center of cities. This is expensive, but also guarantees full use of hotel capacity. Since a central location is one of our guests’ basic needs, it is also crucial to our market communications.